Definition of Beauty

The following is a characterization of the concept of “beauty” via
Primary characteristics of musical works or passages that are
considered beautiful:
[a] They impart significant pleasure
[b] The pleasure is intense or rich
[c] The pleasure is the the result of multi-stimulation: Not a single
stimulation, but many kinds [melody, harmony, big structure, fine
structure, sonic effects, “emotion”, “narrative”, “color”,
“spatiality”, memory, … A complete high-level list could number
over 100 kinds of stimulation]
[d] The above stimuli are organized or coordinated
[e] For the most part, [d] is “transparent” – i.e. the various
stimuli can be be enumerated, described.
[f] However the is also an element of subtlety: Some elements of
the stimuli are not easily described.
[g] Possibly some qualifications on the “kind” of pleasure. If
conditions [a]-[f] are satisfied, but the pleasure is “crude” or
“lower-level”, the music may not be considered beautiful. (Not
sure about this)

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