OMS Parallel Profiles

The following is a set of parallel OMS Profiles that are referenced in this website.

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Legend for ratings: The rating in each cell is as follows:
0: Negligible stimulation
1: Noticeable stimulation
2: Strong stimulation
3: Creative stimulation: Rich, containing novel or highly-structured elements; strongly stimulates other receptors
4: Superlative; almost in a class by itself


Meaning of an OMS Composite Score:

I interpret the score as a composite measure of the total stimulation provided by a given musical performance. Here is a rough guideline:

000 – 050  : Stimulation so minimal, it would only be acceptable to a child
050 – 100 :  Good childrens music, light pop/folk/world music
100 – 150:    A great deal of commercial pop music is in this range
150 – 200:    High-quality pop music, also some light classical
200 – 300:    Music that provides a memorable experience; for some listeners, the experience may last for many years or even a lifetime
300 – 400:    An unforgettable experience, rare, will probably be remembered for a lifetime
400 – 500:    The experience of a lifetime. May feel almost like a religious or spiritual experience
500+        :     Mind-blowing. May feel as if one’s neurons are being re-progammed.

The most extreme scores found to date are:
003           :     Nora the Cat, walking somewhat randomly on the keys of a piano (this barely qualifies as music)
009            :    Hot Cross Buns (a very simple childrens song, a melody on 3 notes)
018            :     Barney the Dinosaur Song
680            :     Beethoven Piano Sonata Op. 110, performance by Arthur Schnabel or  performance by Marino Formenti