The Big Ideas of Music

Another part of the Wisdom model is:  “The Big Ideas of Music”. Many of these come from musical tradition, a few have emerged as OMSModel has been developed. Not all Big Ideas are definitively true, but they all are profound, compelling, and at minimum plausible. Some examples:

  • Musical experiences can never be accurately described in words, because musical experiences are more detailed and specific than language. (Mendelssohn)
  • Musical experience is an “organized delirium”. (Pierre Boulez)
  • Musical experiences are somewhat like a primitive form of a mother’s love.
  • Musical experience is highly intimate and individualized.
  • “Music is the healing force of the universe” (Albert Ayler) or similar ideas about music and the universe.
  • Every musical experience involves “wonder”.
  • Even the simplest musical experiences are usually highly stimulative and pleasurable, almost no exceptions.
  • Group experiences of music are very different from individual experiences.
  • All music stimulates the intellect at a deep level (although the intellectual activity may be vague and barely felt)

It is believed that ideas like this are always present in the background of musical experience. The above list is not claimed to be complete or definitive.