A Musical Score is a Bureaucracy

[This is a rant, I’ll keep it brief   🙂 ]

To express an item of music (a composer’s conception or a specific musical performance) as a musical-score is a strange and even perverse act:

It forces  music (wondrous sounds, a delirium of experience, vast freedom, the ineffable, ...)
into a bureaucracy of:
Meter, strict pitches, crotchet, quaver, semiquaver, demisemiquaver, hemidemisemiquaver (or semidemisemiquaver ), semihemidemisemiquaver, …

How could anyone imagine that there is a good correlation between the former (in red) and the latter (in green)?

To attempt to analyze an item of music via a score is something like interviewing a genius who has been confined in an eighteenth century mental institution !

[I realize that in recent decades there have been many liberalizations of what a musical-score can be.  But a bureaucracy is still a bureaucracy, a mental institution is still a mental institution …]

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