… a new kind of Music Theory

Music Theory must explain what is happening here

Music Theory must explain what is happening here.

Welcome to OMSModel.com

… where we model the experience of music

“Just listen with the vastness of the world in mind. You can’t fail to get the message.”  – Pierre Boulez

The aim of OMSModel.com is to construct a model of the experience of music, in as much breadth and depth as possible. This provides an altogether new kind of music theory;  and wonderful new ways to explore and think about music.

By “experience” I mean what goes on subjectively when we hear music, as associated with words like “emotion, meaning, mathematics, time, space, mass, color, the spiritual, the religious, narrative, drama, delicious moments, passion, serenity, beauty, politics, communication, prophecy, personal change, mystery, the ineffable, …”. It also includes the thoughts that are stimulated by music to various degrees; and more. Amazingly, we have found a way to model all of this – using current scientific methods.

I am interested in constructing the most comprehensive model that I can. I am not interested in small, partial models or piecemeal observations. The model has already evolved to the point where it is rich, deep, and broad-ranging. You will probably discover that OMSModel will immediately enhance your perception/enjoyment of music, and your ability to articulate what you think about music.

This website is addressed to: Scientists, musicians, and anyone who likes music. Most of the materials can be understood immediately without any special background. If this is your first visit, click on Table of Contents  , and follow the red prompts to get a quick start.

OMSModel.com is continually expanding. If you have any questions or ideas, please write me at the email below. I respond to all emails.


Best wishes,

Isaac Malitz, Ph.D.